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Thanks to Don Storey, who owns the comprehensive Classic Australian Television website, for pictures and information on Gerda in her pre-Prisoner career.

Another special thanks to Johanna Johansson and Carl Svensson. Johanna supplied me with rare pictures of Gerda in TV Week and some pictures from The Devil's Playground - pictures I would never had got otherwise. Carl had some rare snapshots in his collection that I had never seen before. His and some of Johanna's pictures can be seen in the 'Life Beside Acting'-section.

Also, thanks to the creators and members of the fantastic forum found on On the Inside (see link above) - especially 'ofa' for his spectacular screenshots, which I have used frequently in the Prisoner-section, and 'D' who provided me with the New Idea article and the Polaroid of Gerda dressed up for the Prisoner-wedding in episode 533. Another thanks to Steve ('Network10') who allowed me to use his print of Gerda's arbituary. Scott Anderson's On the Inside have also supplied me with some other Gerda-related pictures.

Another big thank you to Val Lehman, who so kindly answered my questions regarding Gerda. I know I was supposed to ask about Val on the 'Ask Val'-section, but I could not restrain myself from getting some first hand material from someone who has actually worked with Gerda. That small section on this site is one of its greatest assets!

Many pictures on the site are screenshots taken by myself. The copyright holders are Medusa Communications Ltd. (The Clinic), Atlantic Video Productions Ltd. (Next of Kin), Grundy Television Pty. Ltd. & Freemantle Media (Prisoner), Kennedy Miller Prod. (Bangkok Hilton) Wacko Entertainment Corporation Limited & Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty. Ltd. (Golden Fiddles), Southern Cross Films (The Getting of Wisdom) and Australian Film Distribution Company (Gallipoli).